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National Groundwater Awareness Week, March 9-15, 2014

March 11, 2014


Now well into its second decade, Groundwater Awareness Week spotlights one of the world’s most important resources — groundwater.

Who should be “aware” of groundwater? Quite simply, everyone.

Groundwater is essential to the health and well-being of humanity and the environment. Whether you’re on a public water system or a private well, whether you are a health care official, policymaker, regulator, an environmentalist or a groundwater professional, you can get involved in protecting this vital resource.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) joins our community partners in recognizing March 9-15, 2014, as National Groundwater Awareness Week because groundwater is important to all of us!

Did you know…

25% of global fresh water is estimated to be stored as groundwater.

42% of US irrigation withdrawals came from groundwater in 2005.

33% of US public-supply withdrawals came from groundwater in 2005.

23% of US withdrawals from all aquifers for irrigation, public-supply, and self-supplied industrial water uses combined in 2000 were from just one aquifer, the High Plains Aquifer. (4)

20% of Nation’s groundwater withdrawals were from the California Central Valley aquifer system.

On average, greater than 50% of streamflow may be contributed by groundwater. In some cases, groundwater contribution to streamflow may be as high as 90%. Groundwater also is a major source of water to lakes and wetlands.

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