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Arkansas Discovery Farms

The Arkansas Discovery Farms is a program geared toward monitoring and evaluating water quality of runoff from various agricultural production systems.  The program assesses the need for Best Management Practices related to water conservation, as well as reduction of nutrient and sediment loss. Within the program, a partnership is formed among public and private sectors and agricultural and natural resource communities.

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Monitoring station on rice field in Stuttgart

Monitoring station on a rice field in Stuttgart.

Program Goals:

  • to assess the need for and effectiveness of adopting appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce nutrient and sediment loss and conserve water for major agricultural systems;
  • to provide on-farm verification of nutrient and sediment loss reductions and water conservation;
  • to mitigate nutrient and sediment losses that may prevent State waters from attaining designated uses;
  • to deliver outreach programs to producers in achieving production and environmental goals; and
  • to provide information in support of development of the State Water Plan for Arkansas.