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Map of ARDF Elkins

The Marley farm is located in the Beaver Lake Watershed in Washington County, near Elkins. The farm contains 10 poultry houses with approximately 230,000 broilers, 300 head beef, 1,200 acres of pasture, and around 1,000 acres of woodland.

The field where monitoring is being conducted contains a three-acre pond to the north, and an ephemeral creek that flows into the White River borders the south. Three sampling stations have been established. One station is located where runoff flows from four poultry houses into the farm pond. The second station lies where runoff from two poultry houses flows into a pasture. Runoff from the pasture into the creek flows through the third sampling station.


Poultry houses in Elkins.

Poultry houses adjacent to monitoring stations in Elkins.

Monitoring station on pasture in Elkins.

Monitoring station with flume and wing walls on pasture in Elkins.

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