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Map of ARDF Morrilton

The Willow Bend farm outside of Morrilton lies within the Lake Conway-Point Remove Watershed.  The farm operates around 1,300 acres of pasture with 1,300 head beef and about 1,200 acres of rice and corn.

Two stations are currently set up on the Willow Bend farm that collect samples from runoff that flows from a cattle-grazed pasture into a natural wetland.  Gravel cattle crossings were constructed at the head and tail of the natural wetland. The pasture consists of irrigated Bermudagrass fertilized with poultry litter. Several pastures of the farm are underlain by poorly drained soils that stay wet for a large part of the winter and are prone to intermittent flooding.

In the fall of 2011, the entire farm underwent grid soil sampling.



Monitoring station at Willow Bend, east

Monitoring station at Willow Bend, west


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