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Map of ARDF Stuttgart
Just south of Stuttgart in Arkansas County, the Terry Dabbs 1,500 acre farm features a rice-soybean-corn rotation.  This farm utilizes only surface water for irrigation and collects all runoff into an irrigation reservoir via a tail-water recovery system.

The Dabbs farm is located in a Critical Groundwater Area of the Bayou Meto Watershed.

The Arkansas Discovery Farms Program has set up water quality sampling stations at five locations on the Dabbs farm.  Samplers are located on zero-grade, precision-grade, and contour  levee rice fields as well as a corn field.  A pipe which drains all 1,500 acres into the reservoir is the location of the fifth sampler.

The three rice fields and the corn field locations use weirs as the primary measuring device, and the all-fields location is measured from an open channel pipe.

Weir in flooded rice field

Outflow point of a monitored rice field on the Dabbs farm.

Outflow from a tailwater recovery ditch to reservoir

Monitored outflow point of the tailwater recovery system to the reservoir.












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