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  • Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts (AACD) – “The purpose and mission of The Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts is to assist the conservation districts of the state of Arkansas in their efforts to serve the soil and water conservation needs of the people of Arkansas.”
  • Arkansas Forestry Commission (AFC) – “AFC works with agencies, organizations and residents to prevent and suppress wildfires, control forest insects and disease, grow and distribute trees, and gather and disseminate information concerning the growth, use and renewal of forests.”
  • Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) – “The commission establishes policy that makes funding and regulatory decisions relative to soil conservation, nutrient management, water rights, dam safety and water resources planning and development.”
  • Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) – “Products and services such as seed, feed, fertilizer, pesticides, weights and measures, petroleum, honeybees, plant pests, nurseries, pest control services and many others are regulated by the Arkansas State Plant Board.”
  • United States Geological Survey: Arkansas (USGS) – “The USGS is a science organization that provides impartial information on the health of our ecosystems and environment, the natural hazards that threaten us, the natural resources we rely on, the impacts of climate and land-use change, and the core science systems that help us provide timely, relevant, and useable information.”